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Offer of Sale of Services for Transfer Santiago

In the event that it offers a vehicle with driver You must send the following documentation in digital format:

  • Registration Certificate (Register)
  • Certificate of Technical Review, Analysis of Gases and Permission of circulation.
  • At least 2 photographs of the vehicle (max 500 KB per photo).
  • Photo of car registration sign according to Decree 80.
  • Copy of committed insurance (optional)
  • Picture of CLASS A driver's license, required for this service.
  • Driver's Resume Certificate.
  • Curriculum Vitae of 1 page (optional).

  • If you offer only a vehicle or only a driver, send the corresponding files. If you have more than one vehicle, attach the documents of each one in the same ZIP file.
  • The documents must be uploaded in a single .ZIP file which must be named with the name of the bidder. For example:
  • If you have problems attaching the documents, you can send them to the mail

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