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(1) Payment "online" by Transbank. (2) Payment via Paypal. (3) Direct payment to the driver, with cash or card, at the beginning of the journey. You can consult below about payment methods with instructions, or if you prefer, visit the payment instructions page in full, here.

Check with the Call Center Operator for withdrawal fees from more than one collection address.

Minivans brand Mercedes Benz Vito, with no more than 3 years old. However, in the last time other brands have been incorporated, but of similar quality and performance.

Waiting times are minimal, depending on the certainty that the flight arrives at the appointed time. Remember that our company monitors the arrival time of each flight.

To pay with Webpay simply click on the images of the credit cards in the upper right corner of the web, and you will reach a Transbank page. In it you can make your payment. Look at these images in case you have any questions about filling out the forms. Access view - View customer data. You can also see instructions here.

Select this option on the form and follow the payment path. The value in dollars ($) will automatically appear in your rate. Another option for bookings without form, click on the Paypal logo in the upper right part of this website. Only for this second case, look at these images to fill out those forms. URL verification. - Income amount in dollars. - Email - Password and Login. You can also see instructions, here.

To know where your vehicle or Transfer is, you can call by phone at the indicated hours of operation, and call center operators can indicate the exact location of your vehicle. You can also request the URL to see in real time the location of the assigned vehicle.

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