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Glossary Cruises

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Glossary Cruises

Transfer services or passenger transfers from the city of Santiago and the Metropolitan Region to tourist cruises that depart from the ports of Valparaiso, San Antonio and Coquimbo, in Chile.

Transfer Santiago - Puerto Valparaíso | Transfer Santiago - Puerto San Antonio

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Term Definition

It is the national flag.

Convenience Pavilion
Those in which the property of the vessel and the effective control of it falls to another place other than the flag country that the ship is flying. Other meanings are: “flags of convenience,” “flags of convenience,” “open records,” “open enrollment records,” or FOC (Flags Of Convenience).

Decrease speed by praying and / or rowing Candles.


Flat and wide part of the oar that is submerged is also usually called shovel to all the oar.


Enjaretado of wood that is placed as a floor.


Basic element of the woodland It serves to set candles.

Dry stick

It is said of a ship That has all its candles tied.


Each of the pieces of cloth with which a candle is made.


Part of helmet. Transition zone between fondo and the side generally curved.


Wooden elements that are usually placed on the float or near the bow to be able to hold when moving on cover.


the ramp or ladder used to get on or off the ship.


Kind of block but fixed on one of its sides at mast covered boot or some other surface. This is also called a special type of motor that can be opened to place a cable.


It is said of the anchor suspended above or below the surface of the water 'anchor to the pendulum'.


Tip or end of a perch o cock.

Full board
The term "full board”Is used in the tourism sector to indicate that the three main meals of the day are included: breakfast, lunch and dinner. They may or may not also include beverages in their price, generally including water or similar beverages, such as iced tea or lemonade. Usually it does not include snacks or alcoholic beverages or soft drinks. Some services, such as alcoholic beverages, access to spas or other wellness services are optional, so they are not included in the price of the cruise. When hiring, check what the full board includes on your cruise.