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Glossary Cruises

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Glossary Cruises

Transfer services or passenger transfers from the city of Santiago and the Metropolitan Region to tourist cruises that depart from the ports of Valparaiso, San Antonio and Coquimbo, in Chile.

Transfer Santiago - Puerto Valparaíso | Transfer Santiago - Puerto San Antonio

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Side of the see her which is subject to mast or backstay constituting the borders of attack of the same.


Approximately 'U' shaped hardware from multiple applications to bordo. There are several types of automatic revolving revolving etc.


Pennant small that is located in the stop of the mast to indicate the direction of the wind. Modernly it is replaced by a weather vane.


Opening practiced in the varengas to give way to the water of the sentina.

Gross Tonnage (GT)
Unit of measurement of the volume of vessel. Measure the total volume of enclosed spaces of a ship, using a standard formula. Other meanings are Arching Gross (AB), Thick Record Tonnage (TRG).

Triangular shaped candle whose gratile it is affirmed to the mast in its inferior part and in its superior part to a peak that is raised against the stick.


Flaming action of the sail either due to lack of wind defect in shape and / or hunt of the same or by an excess of ordaza.


Metal or plastic ring that is placed inside a gaza to avoid friction deterioration


Cable o cable that sustained by candlesticks Is placed in bands for crew safety.

Marine Guard

students or aspiring officers in many Marinas de Guerra.


Caer la bow towards a different direction from the one I had before either in navigation or being the ship tied up Violent and dangerous orzada sailing from empowered with spinnaker.


Cabo that is part of the probe hand.


climb through a cape or rig an object pending from him.


Kind of english seat generally formed by a board and four winds joined by a fetter and that is affirmed to a halyard for the purpose of hoist a crewman to make repairs on the masts. Special lifeguard that has an automatic-operated flashlight to allow its location when thrown into the water.