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Glossary Cruises

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Glossary Cruises

Transfer services or passenger transfers from the city of Santiago and the Metropolitan Region to tourist cruises that depart from the ports of Valparaiso, San Antonio and Coquimbo, in Chile.

Transfer Santiago - Puerto Valparaíso | Transfer Santiago - Puerto San Antonio

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Term Definition

Species of small flag but finished in tip having varied significance according to its colors. Each club has its own.


Hat standing on the stop a mast or also from a flagpole. Aluminum or plastic piece that gives rigidity to the fist de halyard.

Galley (Galley)

Kitchen area of ​​a ship.


the ramp or ladder that leads from the ship to the dock allowing passengers and crew members to get on and off the ship.


Go to the garete'means being at drift without government leaving the ship freed to the action of wind Running waves or tide.


It is said of the anchor when it does not head not allowing the ship to be anchored safely.


Hardware that allows to make firm the see her Most to the mast


the name of a rig and pulley block With hook that forms it.


Tube through which the anchor chain of a vessel from the chain box to winch.


the candle that is placed in the masteleros.


Back in the form of an eye that is done with a cable o cable.


Boat of two masts approximately of equal heights or greater the one of priest. There can be three masts.


an installation by the sea or river ready for the construction of large tonnage ships.


Small grapnel.

Large sailboats

Generic name given to large-sized sailboats and classic rigs generally intended for school.