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Glossary Cruises

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Glossary Cruises

Transfer services or passenger transfers from the city of Santiago and the Metropolitan Region to tourist cruises that depart from the ports of Valparaiso, San Antonio and Coquimbo, in Chile.

Transfer Santiago - Puerto Valparaíso | Transfer Santiago - Puerto San Antonio

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Term Definition
On the block

When an object is at a distance by the band a vessel in a direction perpendicular to its course.


It can refer to the back of the ship or behind it.

A son de mar

It is to secure all the elements to bordo to prevent its movement by action of roll y pitching amongst the waves.


Mark with buoys o beacons the steps or dangers of a channel or port


Place a boat next to another or a dock so that it is in contact by its side.


Detour from the ship to leeward of course due to wind and of the sea over the helmet dead work y rig.

Bring down

Caer towards the lee by wind effect. Tilt a vertical object and place it on cover e.g. bring down un mast.


Place like the coast or beach where a ship or boat can approach without danger or risk.


Action to arrive with a boat or ship next to another crashing or ramming it either fortuitously or deliberately.


Collision with a ship or vessel deliberately or fortuitously.


Fasten any cabinetry or chain with mugs.


Ensenada or bay where ships or boats can anchor.


Piece of metal or other material regularly in the form of a ring that serves to gird and secure something.


something next to ship which generally refers to another ship or the pier.


Put a boat protected from the wind or the sea or both at the same time.